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The Rock Girl is a Professional Psychic, Medium, Past Life Channeler, Healer and High Priestess of Stones. She is a popular Radio/Television Personality throughout the nation and hosts two radio shows *RockTalk* with The Rock Girl on CBS NewSky Radio and The Sacred Stone Show on BlogTalk Radio. The Rock Girl has many celebrity clients to whom she offers psychic readings, Reiki classes, and other services on a strictly confidential basis.

Having quickly emerged as one of the most sought-after psychics across the globe, Allison – The Rock Girl utilizes the Sacred Energy of Stones to channel messages from Mother Earth and Spirit.  She offers Psychic *Rock Readings*, Past Life Channelings, Energy Balancing with the Frequency of StonesTM, Reiki Healing (both long-distance and local), and more!

What sets Allison, The Rock Girl apart from others who have the ability to channel and work with stones?  Simply put, her love for Mother Earth and over 18 years of apprenticing with Master Stone Teachers around the world.  Allison is aptly called “The Rock Girl” by all who know her personally because she lives, breathes, and literally sleeps with thousands of stones surrounding her each day.

The Rock Girl has studied in both the US and abroad, learning all things Stone.

Allison has been billed as the “Lara Croft” of Psychics due to her no-nonsense delivery and her ultimate quest to uncover the hidden messages buried so deeply in the stones.  The Rock Girl is unmatched in her ability to connect with these ancient carriers of wisdom and share their messages with those who need them the most.  Whether you have questions about love and relationships, career, past lives, connecting to your Spirit Guides or finding your Soul’s deepest purpose, allow The Rock Girl to help you do what she does best…Channel Your Spiritual Warrior Within!TM

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An Evening With Spirit – Psychic and Medium Messages to the Audience in Asheville, NC

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Purchase Tickets: http://eveningwithspirit.bpt.me

Join International Award-Winning Professional Psychics Allison Hayes – The Rock Girl and Jill M. Jackson for a very special, exclusive gathering – An Evening with Spirit. This rare Gallery Demonstration combines both Evidential Mediumship as well as Powerful Psychic Messages to the Audience! The event will be held in beautiful Asheville, NC at the historic Masonic Temple.

Allison will be delivering Psychic Messages, which will offer important direction in life such as love, romance, career, and life path. Allison has won such prestigious awards such as Psychic of the Year for 2011 and 2012 and Celebrities Choice Psychic for 2013 and 2014 on Best American Psychics! She has been featured on television and radio and has many celebrity clients!

Jill will be speaking to loved ones who have crossed-over. She is an Evidentiary Medium, meaning she will give specific evidence and details about your loved ones such as personalities, cause of death, physical appearances as well as other information that only you would know. Jill won the 2014 Social Activism Award on Best American Psychics and has also been featured as the Psychic of the Month and Psychic of the Week!


Crystal Camp 3 – Karma & Dharma and the Frequency of Stones!

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So are you ready to get into the really good stuff? Crystal Camp 1 & 2 were super powerful and packed with info that will truly stand the test of time! Crystal Camp 3 Takes it all to another level and enables you to release the deep blocks that can go undetected, yet bog you down. Join us for this last course of our 3 part Crystal Camp Series! You will then be eligible to come to our LIVE Retreat in Asheville with Allison at the Sacred Stone School in May 2015!

Here’s what we will cover:

Day 1: Karmic Cleansing. How to cleanse, identify and banish Karmic baggage & debt without getting rid of the good stuff.
Day 2: Karmic Repatterning. How to identify Karmic contracts, and access Karmic Grace….what to do with them in this new frequency.
Day 3: Accessing and Activating your Dharma…and why haven’t we heard much about this before?

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