Meet The Rock Girl

* High Priestess of Stones *

Reiki Master * Crystal Reiki Master * Atlantean Reiki Master
Intuitive Counselor * Channel * Empowerment Coach
Ordained Spiritual – Psychic – Interfaith Minister
* Priestess of the Olde Religion *
* Transformational Speaker *
* Psychic Medium *
* Teacher *


My name is Allison, but my friends call me The Rock Girl.

Here is my story..

As far back as I can remember, I have always heard messages from Mother Earth & Spirit had a strong connection to the Plant & Animal Kingdoms. Even as a child, I felt the Earth was Sacred and there was Magick in the unseen movement of energy. After completing my Reiki Master many moons ago, my connection to the Mineral Kingdom awakened and I grew extremely sensitive to stones. I became acutely aware of their energy; I could feel their vibrational frequency and even began to see it. A huge channel within me had opened and I was able to access an ancient, innate wisdom and “knowing”.

And so I began studying… Stones, Earth-based Traditions, Ancient Civilizations (including, but not limited to the following: pre-Lemurian, Lemurian, Atlantean, Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec) Middle Earth, Star People, Extra Terrestrial Beings, The Angelic Realm, The Goddess, The Divine and the Universal Consciousness.

I have had the good fortune to participate in one-on-one studies and apprenticeships under Master Teachers in the Olde Religion, Shamanism, Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Atlantean Reiki, Psychic Mediumship and Jungian Theory… and now it is with great honor that I can pass this Sacred Knowledge onto others, and teach them to use it for the Highest Good.

I am also an avid animal rescuer and love trees as well as stones. I offer in-person readings and Sacred Stone School courses in both NYC and Asheville. I share my time between both locations, where I live with my furry children amidst our Temple of Stones. It is my belief that Life is a wondrous journey of living, loving, learning and spiritual evolution and I am fiercely committed to honoring the Divine that dwells within us all.

Mighty Blessings,

* The Rock Girl *

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