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Join The Rock Girl® as she returns to her home town in Bucks County, PA for 13 days of lectures, classes, workshops and readings!

November 8 – November 20, 2017

Messages from Mother Earth & Spirit—Psychic and Soul Path Gallery Readings
Wednesday, November 8, 7-9pm

Circle of Miracles, 10 Beulah Rd, New Britain PA 18901

Doors open at 6pm for THE ROCK GIRL SACRED STONE SALE ~ The Rock Girl will be offering Stones from her Private Collection for Purchase!

Where will your Soul Map lead?

Join The Rock Girl® for an evening of accurate, detailed, and evidential Psychic & Soul Path Readings. This fun-filled, high energy gallery promises something for everyone. Allison’s readings encourage audience participation, and participants can walk away with a deeper understanding of Self & Soul. Allison combines her skills as an International Empowerment Speaker, Award Winning Psychic, Master Teacher and Founder of The Rock Girl Sacred Stone School to offer you a life-altering experience!

With her unique Crystalline Soul Mapping™ technique, Allison will uncover the hidden messages buried so deeply in the stones. She can help you attain deep, long-lasting healing on a Soul level, that can not only change your energy, but can change your outcome. Recover a piece of yourself, find your Passion, your Purpose, a New Direction, and/or a Renewed Sense of Self.  Whether you have questions about Love & Relationships, Career, Past Lives, Connecting to your Spirit Guides or finding your Soul’s deepest purpose, Allison can help you do what she does best…discover the Legacy of your Soul.


Aligning the Mind, Body & Spirit with the Frequency of Stones
Friday, November 10, 7-9pm

Circle of Miracles, 10 Beulah Rd, New Britain PA 18901

Doors open at 6pm for THE ROCK GIRL SACRED STONE SALE ~ The Rock Girl will be offering Stones from her Private Collection for Purchase!

The Rock Girl® invites you to awaken your Mind, Body and Spirit with the power of stones…This lecture offers a hands-on experience with select stones from The Rock Girl’s personal collection. Participants will be introduced to The Rock Girl’s unique approach to all-things-stone, and learn how to use these stones to cleanse and balance one’s energy on both the Spiritual & Physical planes. Which stones are you drawn to…and more importantly, which stones push you away? Join us this evening and hear what they have to say!


Psychic Development Weekend ~ Level 1
Saturday, November 11 and Sunday, November 12, 10am-6pm
BSA, 1 Scout Way, Doylestown PA 18901

How does she do it?
Attend this two-day intensive workshop and find out…In one of her most popular workshops, The Rock Girl® will share with you her trade secrets to strong, clear and accurate Psychic Readings. Whether you want to learn how to awaken and activate your Psychic Abilities for your own Personal Growth & Spiritual Transformation, or begin a career as a Professional Psychic – this workshop is for you!

Day 1:  The Rock Girl will cover the proper etiquette of a Psychic Reading and work with each participant to identify their Psychic strengths and weaknesses. The Rock Girl will also share her Secret Stones Recipes that guarantee to accelerate your Psychic Ability.

Day 2:  In the first part of the day, The Rock Girl will work with you to develop your own style of reading – as no two Psychics are the same! You will learn how to link with Spirit, start a reading, end a reading, deliver negative news, and more. In the 2nd half of the day The Rock Girl will coach you as you conduct your own Psychic Readings! *Please bring a deck of Tarot or Oracle Cards on Sunday in order for you to conduct your own Psychic Readings. The Rock Girl recommends The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland.


Crystal Skull Extravaganza
Saturday, November 18 and Sunday, November 19, 10am-6pm
BSA, 1 Scout Way, Doylestown PA 18901

Join The Rock Girl® as she explores the legend of the Crystal Skulls. According to Indigenous Legends, Crystal Skulls were not used as a form of worship, but rather as a tool for teaching and healing that would ultimately lead to a path to Higher Consciousness. You will learn how to connect with Crystal Skulls and utilize them as cosmic doorways for peaceful and loving energies. You will have a chance to work with The Rock Girl’s own Personal Crystal Skulls that were activated by The Ancient Skulls and Mayan Elders at the 10-10-10 Crystal Skull Activation in NYC. Come meet Rosalia (Giant Rose Quartz), Milo (Giant Golden Rainbow Citrine) Athena (Golden Healer Quartz), AliStar (Labradorite), Malachi (Natural Citrine) and many more!

Day 1:  History of the Crystal Skulls

Day 2:  Participants will have a chance to Channel The Rock Girl’s Crystal Skulls 
as they deliver their messages to you! Feel free to bring you own Stones and Crystal Skulls to charge with The Rock Girl’s Private Collection. 

One of a kind Crystal Skulls from the Rock Girl Sacred Stone School will also be available for purchase!



Private Psychic *Rock Readings* with The Rock Girl

Tuesday, November 14   11, 12, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7pm
Weds, November 15    11, 12, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7pm
Thurs, November 16    11, 12, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7pm
Monday, November 20  11, 12, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7pm
$185 for 45 minutes
36 N Church St, Doylestown PA 18901.
This is a special discounted rate, only available in Doylestown for Allison’s “Return to Roots” Tour

Are you ready to Overcome Your Obstacles, Embrace Change, and CREATE THE NEW YOU?

Just because it’s in your Karma doesn’t mean you have to keep it… 
Allison Hayes, THE ROCK GIRL, is an Award Winning Psychic, Medium & Past Life Channeler. Whether you have questions about love, relationships, career, past lives, finding your Soul’s deepest purpose or connecting to your Guides & Loved Ones on the Other Side, Allison’s readings are DETAILED & ACCURATE and support/encourage personal growth & spiritual transformation. 

With her unique Crystalline Soul Mapping™ technique, Allison utilizes the Sacred Energy of Stones (crystals) to channel messages from Mother Earth & Spirit. The Rock Girl has been billed as the “Lara Croft” of Psychics due to her no-nonsense delivery and her ultimate quest to uncover the hidden messages buried so deeply in the stones. Allison is unmatched in her ability to connect with these ancient carriers of wisdom and share their messages with those who need them the most. Evidential and informative, these messages provide valuable guidance and insight into current & past lives, and promote healing & integration on the Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Planes. Where will your Soul Map lead?  Let Allison help you do what she does best…discover the Legacy of your Soul.

Allison offers WORLD WIDE READINGS by Phone, however due to The Rock Girl’s busy travel schedule she no longer offers in-person readings in Asheville or NYC, so if you would like an in-person reading sign-up now!


For more information, visit https://susanduvalseminars.com/Events.html to book now!