Mission Statement…

I, The Rock Girl, pledge to honor Gaia, our Mother Earth, and to celebrate Her glory by staying true and pure to my craft.

I am in awe of Her power and beauty and deeply humbled by the gifts she has given me. And I know that with these gifts come a great responsibility; I promise to harm none and use them for the good of all.

Love thy Stones, Honor thy Trees,
and Embrace thy Wisdom.

Blessed Be.

Special Thanks to…

~ The Troll, my beloved stone teacher, for teaching me how to TALK to the stones, but even more importantly, HEAR what they have to say.

~ My dear friend Jan, who through the magick of copyrights and trademarking, helped me breathe life into The Rock Girl and make her REAL.

Janet Sweeney for teaching me to believe in Fairies and the magick of three very powerful words…”YES I CAN”.

~ Rosebud and Rudy and all furry critters, for being a constant reminder that the World is a wonderful place.