$75.00 – Long Distance, 30 minutes

This service is a combination of Long Distance Reiki and a Psychic *Rock Reading*.

The Rock Girl will call you on the phone and introduce herself. You will then chat for a few minutes about who you are, how you are feeling, and why you are interested in a healing session. The Rock Girl will ask your permission to connect with you through Reiki Energy. After you accept the energy, she will have you choose a few Rocks from her *Rock Reading* Collection. The Rocks will indicate what is going on with your Physical and Spiritual planes, as well as with your chakra system in its entirety. The Rock Girl will take a few more minutes and discuss this with you, as she strongly believes the client’s understanding and participation is an integral part of one’s Healing and Transformational Process.

After you have established your connection over the phone she will ask you to lie down in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and hang up the phone (you may also want to play some peaceful/relaxing music and anoint yourself with your favorite oil). The Rock Girl will then begin sending you Reiki Energy.  This energy travels through the ethers to cleanse, balance and energize your chakras.

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